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Since our foundation in 2003, originally as “PC-Tech Home Computer Services”, we have seen immense change in the IT industry. In just the last decade alone there has been a paradigm shift in not only the devices that we use, but also when and where we use them. Our go-to IT devices have evolved from beige boxes in back bedrooms to always connected mobile and ultra-mobile devices which we rely on for almost every moment of our day, even in our sleep!


Delivering outstanding, relevant and cost effective services in this dynamic environment is always our prime objective and key to maintaining these cornerstone objectives is embracing change and evolving in unison. Consequently, this year we embarked upon a major overhaul of both our service offering and pricing structure, culminating in a change of company name to better reflect our new and exciting focus.


mytek.guru is primarily focused on offering timely and cost effective remote IT support to a geographically dispersed customer base. Offering remote support as our primary modus operandi enables us to provide near instant support at a considerably lower cost than an, in person, on-site service call; a no-brainer considering a significant proportion of the service incidents that we deal with can be resolved remotely. Why wait for an engineer to visit and ultimately pay more!


Additionally, remote support can afford us a better idea of the time that a given support incident should take and so from this we can offer definitive pricing for some common tasks, bringing you an array of fixed price services.


Of course, not all repairs can be accomplished remotely, especially if your system won’t turn on or your Internet is down, so for this reason we will continue to offer our traditional on-site and workshop repair services for local customers.


In recent years, unscrupulous scam artists have maligned genuine IT service providers legitimately offering remote services, the infamous “Microsoft scam” springs to mind, and we understand that trust is paramount in the minds of our customers. You can be assured that when you deal with mytek.guru you are dealing with a, long standing, UK based company which has built an exemplary local reputation. We trade on our reputation and are very proud that much of our new custom comes to us through personal recommendation. We will never cold call or use dodgy scare tactics like the scammers invariably do and don’t forget that when paying with Paypal you always have the guarantees provided by its excellent buyer protection scheme.


Whether you’re in need of an Anti-Virus program installing on a PC, an email address setting up on an Android phone, data recovery on a hard drive or a laptop cleaning of malware, we’ve got you covered. There are a multitude of services that we offer, both in person and remotely, on a wide range of devices. Check out the website to find out more or why not chat to us now via our integrated website chat function.



We looking forward to being of service.


UK Based & Certified

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